Saturday, June 11, 2005

Fat Bill: The Fucking Hawk!

The more I push Governor Bill Richardson’s army of paid supporters on issues, the less I get in return.
It is a conversation ending statement that “Fat Bill Richardson supports the war in Iraq and torture.” He’s a fucking hawk, end of story.
I’m fucking telling you, people come up with tales of Richardson’s personal life that would make your skin crawl. I hate it. I hate it, true or false.

What is wrong about Richardson? That answer is so powerful and corny at the same time that it is easily dismissed. It’s about leadership, democracy, and the CIA paying off Richardson with diplomatic juice to throw the last election.
Abu Ghraib… the words never came out Fat Bill mouth. You think he’s so-called DEMOCRAT? Him, a fuckin’ Democrat? I don’t think so. Screw you asshole piece of lard Governor. And fuck your bad hair too!
I know the Governor could shut me up with one criticism of the war and the torture at Abu Ghraib…but he can’t. He’s a hawk!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fat Bill Bad Hair Day

It seems that the New Hampshire Republicans like Fat Bill better than those in his own party, the Democrats. It must be that they, the Republican, indentify with permanently bad hair days.
The people of New Hampshire are known for their lack of style. The whole place is full of really bad hairdos. But at the people of NH are not as rude as thier neighbors the Mass-holes.

Keene, New Hampshire:
Governor Bill Richardson spoke before a gathering of Expanding American Nudist (XPAN) in Keene, New Hampshire. The New Mexico Governor says as President of the United States he would like to represent fat American nudist "No matter what party they are from."

Sunday, June 05, 2005

"Live Fat or Die"

Governor to explore 'potential' back East: Richardson travels to New England

By John Coventry (Submitted: 06/05/2005 8:47 am )
I can see our governor coming home from New Hampshire with a new State motto for New Mexico...."Live Fat or Die"

By Graham Noble (Submitted: 06/05/2005 9:49 am )
Well, I hope all you fools who voted for this man are happy, watching him continue to shamelessly pursue his personal aspirations, with no regard for NM - just as he has done from day one of his Monarchy.