Friday, November 11, 2005

Judge Pfeffer's Art

I liked seeing Judge Dimas. And it made me laugh when Anthony Gonzales mentioned later that it was he who had offered Bill Dimas a job in radio after the Judge retired. Anthony didn't tell me it was Fat Bill who told Javier to get out of the Mayor race.

I didn't tell my wife or post on my blog my take on Dimas' face at McDonalds when I reminded him how those fuckers at City Hall had stuck it to him years ago. Not the way they fucked over Tommy,, but they get you.

Freddie Mercury singing "Radio googoo Radio gaagaa" reminded me that I wanted to tell you not about radio Judges, but about Judge Pfeffer's art, his metal work. But time has passed; Fran is gone and Yalman is Judge despite her part in the Tommy screwing. As I told Tommy's wife, "The fix is always in for someone."

Simons looked down at me and said of Fran, "She's gonna do time."

Monday, November 07, 2005


"Fat Bill and Me" is back but without John S. Coventry.

Coventry has been missing for almost a month. He left several completed posts that we will be publishing.
Coventry also deleted some old posts and left a couple of apologies to people, including one to Santa Fe Police Chief Bev Lennen.

The pain-in-the-ass Coventry was last seen drinking with that Irish poof Tom "Boot-Licker" Donegal

Tom Donegal (on right) and friend Super Joel (left) at local club. (file photo)

The disappearance of and speculation about Coventry being a "double agent" was uncanny in its timing. Coventry has been blabbing that Fat Bill Richardson was CIA and that he, the Governor of New Mexico, had a Company double. Then wham ... News Flash... "The Governor of New Mexico's plane crashed in the town of CIA, Virginia."

Then the cover-up.

It was all a mistake, Governor "El Lambe" Richardson said. Actually it was 'Mistakes happen.'

Fat Bill's body double dies in a plane crash; his CIA connection is exposed and he continues his "book tour."

Mistakes happen?