Monday, May 16, 2005

Virgin Post

Fat Bill and Me: a story of one Democrat.

It’s all about what you can’t say.

When you talk to them, always start with an insult. Then lie. Then swear.

Bill Richardson better known as Governor Crisco (fat in the can) is being paid by the CIA to sell out the Democratic Party. The Big Large or just Large Lard, as we call him in Santa Fe, likes to smoke cigars and politically suck Korean dick. Him and that fucker Kerry threw the election with a promise never to mention Abu Ghraib, ever.

With all the talk about Fat Bill’s national ambitions and dinners with the likes of Val Kilmer I put Governor Doughnut’s autograph on ebay. I asked $3.00. No one bid on it.

Governor Largo Lardo is a racist. He wants to pick a point in past time and give public lands to the then self-proclaimed chosen race. His supposed race.

Where the fuck did he come from always? He’s like some other politicians I know; he appears to be a better program than person. I remember him as a self-proclaimed ‘Fighter for New Mexico.’ As a U.S. Representative he would have Town Hall meetings where the now deceased Richard “The Dressman” threw money at him or the cash onto the floor. The cross-dressing poet thought that was what Fat Bill was all about.

*Post Script: I am starting for the begining of this blog and I am reviewing; debriefing; giving notes to myself; and filling in the story. I am also looking for the whys of this blog.

I started with the clear intention of trying to get Richardson's attention and to push the envelope of free speech. I had no internet experience. I had been politically active for years and started with a focus on specific and real local Santa Fe names and events. I was looking for 'Hot Button' issues and star power.

I also had no yet learned to post pictures.


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