Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tom Udall the Next Governor of New Mexico ... NOT.

I am hardly ever wrong but this post from a week ago was dead wrong ... sorry.

There is no question that U.S. Sen. Tom Udall will be the next Governor of the State of New Mexico. Although no official announcement has been made by the long time Santa Fean, it will be by the first of of the year.

Last weekend our local good guy politician stopped by the Santa Fe
Artist Market at the Railyard for a picture with some local artists who sell there.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wilt Chamberlain's Restaurant, Boca Raton

As a Hippie staying at Boca Lago in Boca Raton, Florida in the late 70s/early 80s, my only escape was to go down the street to play video games at the arcade attached to Wilt Chamberlain's Restaurant & Bar.  There were games of chance or skill including shooting free throws on a basketball court in the middle of the space. As a reward for ‘winning’  you would get little coupons or tickets that you could trade in for everything from little pieces of plastic junk with Wilt's name to great clothing and hats.

 I could never save up enough of those little yellow tickets for anything good. In fact when people redeemed large amounts of ticket the worker behind the counter would have to weigh them rather then count by hand to determine how many there were. Watching the young man weigh the tickets; figure the amount; print a voucher and then toss the redeemed tickets in the garbage, I wondered ... 'What did they do with the garbage?'

 The next morning I went to back alley of the mall on Glades Road where Wilt's place was and dumpster drove. Right freaking on top of the garbage bin was a plastic bag filled with little yellow tickets and intact vouchers to redeem hundreds of credits.

 That night I returned to Wilt’s operation with and armful of tickets bundled with rubber bands and got me a nice black cotton hoodie and a couple of baseball hats that I would give to my Dad when I saw him.
 The kid behind the counter gave me a voucher for the remaining now thousands of credits and as he proceeded to plop my bundle of coupons right into the the same garbage that I got them from ...  I said to myself “Don’t tell me I have to come back here again tomorrow.”

 The pattern of dumpster diving and redemption went on for a few days. Between Wilt’s and my retrieving and selling lost golf balls to the duffers at Boca Lago Country Club I was, as it were, sitting pretty.

 But as I approached my fifth day and the small amount of little yellow coupons had grown to boxes of tickets that filled my Mother-in-law's little condo that backed up to the 14th fairway, I was having moral crises.  I could now trade my garbage booty in for hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from not only at Wilt's place but from the other stores in the mall that he had made a deal with.

(To be continued.)

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Clint Eastwood on the "pussy generation."

"Just fucking get over it. "

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Santa Fe Parking: Government's Rip-Off

I don't have to tell anyone in Santa Fe, New Mexico that when comes to parking, the City and its elite Mayor Gonzales, are totally fucked.  I know this and I'm sick of trying to tell people the history and inequity and abuse heaped on the downtown by the stupid jerks at City Hall.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thank You Jon Hendry ... I think.

Jon Hendry, President New Mexico Federation of Labor, serves free hotdogs outside the Roundhouse during the Legislature.

When I asked a few out-of-work film union brothers and sisters what they would say to Jon Hendry if they could get more than a silent nod out of him, I was surprised to hear one them, who is homeless, say ... "I would thank him for everything he's done."  What the fuck?

When I think about the guy from 600 (Hollywood camera union) and his wife who have been in Santa Fe for a year and a half; bought a big home; and she got appointed to the N.M. Democratic Party Central Committee ... I just want to puke. And yet this 66 year old former union 'stitcher' who is living in her vehicle would thank Mr. Hendry for "everything he's done.

The way I look at it is in order to get film production in New Mexico Hendry had to sell-out to L.A.'s BIG money. BIG money brought their own workers with them and local union members were screwed. BIG money also brought with them their own apprentices (interns) which are paid half what N.M. union members get to do jobs. Those apprenticeships at least should have been given to local young people.

But I know I couldn't do the job Jon Hendry does and I don't think I know anyone else who could do it either. My late Brother-in-law, Jack Sinclair, was a film union carpenter here in Santa Fe. He paid his union dues even after he physically couldn't work anymore. When I think of Jack and my homeless friend in her vehicle I have to thank Jon Hendry also.  But not for "everything he's done" but for what he believes in ... unions.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

No Rush. No Fear. No Complaints.

No rush, no fears, and no complaints.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hillary the Hawk and Birdie Sanders

Don't just vote for candidates, vote against candidates and do it with vengeful purpose and a releasing joy. If there are candidates running for a lesser office who are not supporting your candidate DO NOT vote for them, vote for their opponent. NEVER vote for the sake of Party "unity." In politics a person who is a real competitor cannot be a good loser. 

Don't worry about 'wasting your vote' on a second choice when you can use your vote to hurt the candidate that you dislike the most.  Everyone knows in this day and
age your vote doesn't really matter, especially here in New Mexico where the fix, the rigging, the stacked deck politics are so entrenched and yet are so invisible. Just have fun with the system … vote crazy just for the heck of it.

Say the Central Committee for your Party is the one stacking the deck against, say Bernie; then it is your obligation to know which of those insider elites are running for office or which candidate they are connected with and then work for those elites’ defeat.  Then again, Bernie and Democratic Party elites may be in on the big scam plan to dupe in new/young and foolish/old voters to become Party robot voters.

Never vote for a candidate because of a Party's platform. Platforms are meaningless. Never think a losing candidate has any influence on the winning candidate’s policies or agenda. If Bernie ("Birdie") endorses Hillary the Hawk you can bet that he and/or some foreign country like Israel were in on the con from the beginning.  Movements aren’t movements unless you have some place to move to. Revolutions don’t happen unless you go all in.

For years I have worked to 'get out the vote' and there is nothing different now except that I want people to vote defensively rather than offensively. If it is Trump vs. Clinton vote AGAINST whomever you think will get us into wars. Vote without thinking about what has been said by the candidates; only vote what you feel. I promise you, if you feel anger, voting against Hillary the Hawk will not only give you a great release and joy, it will be the only way you can vote for the concept of peace.