Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Julia: Tough and Cool.

Walking down Marcy Street, going by the Reporter newspaper office on Marcy Street I suddenly decide to give Julia the same dish I gave to Sharpe at the New Mexican. The Movie “Rent” was shooting the next day on the Plaza. She, looking kind of punk for an editor, just happens to be sitting outside talking to some dude.
“Hey, do you know a DeNiro movie “Rent” is being shot on the plaza tomorrow?” I ask.
She looks up, “No, I hadn’t heard that one.”
“Now you have.” I say without missing a beat.
It was the timing that got the smile from them. As I walked away I turned to Julia and yell across the parking lot “I LOVE YOUR BLOG!”
“Yours is good.” She response.
“Yea, but yours has all that journalistic resources. But I think the Governor knows about mine.”
I could see Julia’s face from a hundred feet away, it said what her voice said, “I bet.”


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