Thursday, June 16, 2005

Plaza continued: Found in the Trash.

The plaza vending program for the City of Santa is run by Sev Gurule.
It's a nasty little corrupt City progam that is nothing more than a scam.

So I'm talking to Frankie about the about the plaza and he asks me "How come your not selling your stuff out here?"
"Oh man, they rigged the thing to get rid of Carmelita and me. She won somekind of money or anything, anyway Darlene Griego, the nazi Heldmeyer, and sweet Jeanie Price from planning stabbed me in the back...what a bunch of dykes. With the help of Sev who fixed the judging from behind closed doors. You know, I knew they wouldn't enjoy fucking me over if I let on I didn't care about selling out here so I pretended to really care and that made them work harder and really enjoy fucking me over. I'm here to please. Do you know Frankie that Sev was taking presents from the vendors and Romero made him give them back?'
"No I didn't know that." Frankie says.


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Cliff said...

John, have you been diving in the trash again? You can get a hot meal at the Salvation Army for free. It's not bad. Cliff


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