Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Potter who has lost his magic.

I ran into Earl Potter at the Post office.
“How come I can never get an attorney when I need one?” I asked.
Earl smiled in his hunched manner and said nothing trying to escape.
I would not let the guy get away. I talked while walking to his car “So I needed somebody to sue the City” I finished.
Earl finally said something, “I don’t do that anymore.”
“I know. Are you working with the Governor?” I ask.
The Democratic power broker Potter just couldn’t hide the glee in his voice “Yes, I am.”
“You know I started a blog site about him. I call it ‘Fat Bill and Me’. And you should…” Potter in now diving into his car trying to flee as I have to continue a little louder since potter is behind a glass windshield and backing his car out on to Federal Place. “You should go to Fat Bill and Me dot BLOGSPOT DOT COM!”
A diminishing Earl Potter voice is heard….”I not going to bother doing that.”


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