Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dog Love

A friend of mine, Marge Garber, wrote a book called “Dog Love.” She is a professor at Harvard and she wrote the book right after her mother died. A popular intellectual writer, her premise was one step further than the British TV hit “No Bad Dog.” It was more like …”Dogs reflect the good in humanity better than humans do.” This brilliant feminist freely admits it was the only way to deal with the grief from the death of her mother.

In the book, examples of people’s adoration toward canines were astonishing. The book did not contain examples of much of dogs' vicious packing and the mauling of humans. Nor did the book contain any of the excess in America that leads to hatred by others because our cultural priorities are so screwed up.

The author and I talked once about the theatrical options of killing a dog, say in a movie script. She insisted, “You can't kill the dog”, because it would foreshadow something on the scale of the Holocaust.

This story doesn’t kill the dog. It doesn’t even mention putting the dog “to sleep.”
I can’t do the math but how many hundreds of thousand of dogs have been killed at this “Shelter?” What does that foreshadow multiplied all over America?


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