Monday, July 11, 2005

Fat Bill: Politically Sucking Korean Dick.

Sec. of Tourism Mike Cerletti is back from Europe where he left Fat Bill and his spooky company guy friends.
Richardson, who was believed to be in England during the recent London bombings, is on his way to Korea to politically suck some Korean dick.
Richardson will soon be proven to be the one who dropped a dime on Wen Ho Lee because the chink spy who wouldn't put out.

Top Secret:

access to classified information prior to the issuance of a final report by the Cox
Committee.” (FBI 7721-7723)
(U)On December 21,1998, Curran sent a memorandum to Secretary Richardson containing talkingpoints for an anticipated telephone conversation between Secretary Richardson and Director Freeh. He advised the Secretary that DOE intended to interview Lee "before the end of this calendar year" and offer him a voluntary polygraph. If he refused, "his security clearance will be removed and steps will be initiated toterminate his employment.”If he agreed, but did not "pass" the polygraph, "his clearance will be removed and termination proceedings will be initiated." (DOE 3570)

Fat Bill's interest in Asian men is well known.


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