Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fat-cat Bureaucrats

Mike Lujan, the Santa Fe City Manager and I have known each other for twenty-something years. Back when Fat Bill’s Tourism Director Mike Cerletti was changing over the De Vargas Hotel into the Hotel St. Francis and Lujan was the head of the lucrative Parking Division for the City.

Lujan is one of those Santa Fe millionaires who made his fortune by being a bureaucrat. Cerletti is Santa Fe millionaire developers who made his money in the private sector but gets his power now by being a bureaucrat.

Lujan gets get $500 a day to keep his mouth shut about the Mayor and Cerletti get about the same for talking about the Governor.

When our Mayor Larry del Jello slipped away for a secret all-expenses-paid vacation to Qatar, City Manager Mike Lujan claimed he didn't know where our Mayor was. I thought perhaps the politically narcoleptic mayor had just fallen asleep somewhere as he does sometimes. I was worried Mayor del Jello was lost so I requested official information on “Where is the Mayor at?” I got the following official letter back:

“We do not have any records available as to where the Mayor is.”

My City government has no clue as to where my Mayor is?

So when the net was buzzing with rumors that our spooky Governor Bill Richardson was at a trade meeting not only in England at the time of the recent bombings but in the London Israeli Embassy that got early warning of the attack…I called the office of Governor asking “Where is the Governor?’ The transvestite sounding receptionist said, “We can’t tell you where the Governor is at.”

It’s public knowledge that Fat Bill was in Europe with Cerletti at a “trade meeting” in France, then Germany and then likely in England during the G8.

Then the plane that might have been carrying our Governor Richardson and Cerletti back from Europe got stopped in-flight and was made to return to France.

Prompting me to Post:
By John Coventry (Submitted: 07/09 )
Apparently our Governor Fat Bill was on the flight and the plane was over U.S. weight restrictions.

David Gunter took offense and wrote to the web Ed. "You continually block posts which contain foul language and simple name calling, yet you allow the likes of John Coventry to do the same? Why is this? His comments contribute nothing to the story, they're typically not amusing ..."
But Deborah Wise thanked me for "a good laugh" to begin her day.
(continued later)


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