Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Set-up: A Santa Fe Fiction

It started with me trying to score my medicine. Not like “Johnny’s in the basement mixing up the medicine” and it certainly wasn’t “ and I’m on the pavement thinking about the government.” But maybe I should have been.

I was just trying to buy a little medical marijuana. My Wife has glaucoma and I had cancer of the eye.

I walked into my connection’s pad, who I’ll call “Nurse.” Nurse’s relative, James, was in one room with Nurse and a friend named Gem in the back room.

I passed Nurse my 'fity.'

"Hi I'm Gem." and the 30's, maybe, chick just started rapping. Not hip-Hip but motor-mouth. And woe is me.
"Getting throw out...can they do that?...I've been trying to sell this art....just got here from California ...Can you use a massage...I thought I could start give thirty dollar messages... what your sign?..." Gem just continued.

Nurse slips me my little bag and with out stopping Gem blurts out very loud " WE GONNA' SMOKE SOME POT?" I looked at the the stranger girl just because now she was getting weird. I looked at Nurse as Gem's not cool behavior and voice made say to myself ... this is trouble.
"NO, this is my house", said Nurse. "We are not going to smoke."

I took the opportunity to go in the other room and talk with James. I had heard Gem's name as being a new friend of Nurse but a friend no less.

After a few minute, gem flies into the room and asks "Do you want to see the art I'm trying to sell?"

(cont. later)


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