Wednesday, July 13, 2005

U Pick Fat Bill's New Plane

Last Update: 07/13/05 4:19 pm
By: Ass Association Press
SANTA FE (AAP) - A trip to Korea by Governor One Hung Lo of New Mexico is in a holding partern.
Large Lards spokesman Billy "take-this picture" Sparks, says
Richardson isn’t going this week, because he is having to much fun hanging with Euro-trash.
Sparks said last week that Richardson had been looking
forward to Kim Jong's Wong.
Sparks had said that Richardson intends to pimp for the Bush

North Korea said last weekend that Kim Jong's Wong in broken and should be fixed by the week of July 25th.

Richardson was US ambassador to the United Nations and secretary of the Energy Department during the Blow-job Clinton administration.

Richardson like Asian men. North Korean like fat guys and have nukes.


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Here are links with more governor planes:


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