Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Fab Book: Joe The Poet

The Fab Book: A Fiction...Chapter #1

Disclaimer: Joe Poet gave me permission to use his name and writings from that era.
Famous Joe the Poet gave me permission to use his name but I'm not sure he gave me permission to use a picture of him giving the peace sign.
The actual "Fab Book" is in parts and is in boxes resting at maxium entropy. Its story and pictures are a record of a frozen frame of time... just like marbling.
Enter Joe Samberg, Famous Joe the Poet, Country Joe and SuperJoe; as well as Groovy, Spacely, Teske, Sunday, Colo, Olaf, Miller, Star and Luna, Drips, many other famous and not so famous people and stories flow together like hippie marbling.
All people are real albeit with some name changes. Also, once in a while I lie.



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