Monday, April 17, 2006


"Sounds fishy."
Yelsky has a way with words. I would have said 'Smells fishy.'
The conversation switched to Coss and I just tuned-out. I think if I still had my iPod I would have stuck the earphone in my head.

I looked down at the photos in the Fab Book reminding me what the Director had said. I made him laugh with the bus and whistle routine then I told him with a serious look on my face "Director L Period, I want to call people fat cocksuckers like I use to." He laughed "Stay with the photos. What ever way you go, keep them. I love 'em."
I looked again the photos, Joe Samberg's and otherwise, that were glued into a bound sketch book and my head drifted in to the difference between my youth and theirs. What the fuck chance did they have?

It wasn't all bad at all.


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