Sunday, April 02, 2006

We Devour Our Young

The world changed. Fat Bill and Me lives on. Governor Bill Richardson owes me a letter but I'm not really worried about it. I think he's a man of his word.

Having spiritually won the last election I have been artistically energized. Actively working for the my proposed museum of marbling; the establishment the "Richardson Collection of Marbled Papers"; while trying to create the International Marblers' Hall of Fame all tied to the "Fifth International Marblers' Gathering: 2008" (Marbles V: The Victory Tour). Plus I've been painting and sculpting.

Alexis America and Cove marble together in Maui.

Jack and I entered the poster contest for the City of Santa Fe. Neither of which were chosen as winner but it is cool to be hanging in the halls of City Hall. By "hanging" I mean my art of course.

Last week in front of the New Mexican was fun but I've got to make a living. Those stupid fuckers aren't worth the effort. Coss came to talk with Lisa Law. Bomb considering he's Mayor. The thing about the New Mexican is that the old fart paper is killing its offspring, the Hence the title of this post.

P.S. My heart belongs to Laura Banish. You know, it is really hard to express (except by loss of breath), respect, and hope. But I think she does express that combo. And I love you also Ben.


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