Monday, May 15, 2006


John David Pfeffer is a Zionist.

And for people like me who try to separate religion, politics and race, it is troubling.

Council Pfeffer was once a Democrat. I think he also once wore the military uniform and carried a gun for Israeli army, a foreign power. He certainly lived within the Arab-hating settlers as part of the Israeli commune system.

When another Santa Fe City Councilor, Stephen Farber's son returned from serving in the Israeli army, The New Mexican did a glowing feature article about the traitor. The paper said the American kid in an Israeli uniform, while manning a check point, once gave an Arab some water. I shit you not.

How the fuck does such a one-sided story get implanted into the media?

Pfeffer is now a Republican.

I remember sitting arround a table at Tiny's a few years ago with Councilor Pfeffer, former Mayor Debbie Jaramillo, former City Manager Ike Pino, former Judge Tom Fiorina, former elected regional Water Commissioner Felipe Cabeza de Vaca and others. We were on the radio waves live. When it came time to trashing Patti Bushee, Felipe grabbed the only hand-held mic and without identifing himself asked, "How do you stop a dyke from leaking?... You put a finger in her."

Somehow, over the air it sounded like I said the line. Even though Pfeffer sat on the City Council with Patti he not only, with a smile, let the line slip, but he did nothing to dispell the mis-authorship hassle between Patti and me.

Even through he and Mayor del Jello almost got me lynched by a hundred anti-Arab merchants at an out of control City Council meeting, upon Pfeffer's return recently from the middle east, I brought him flowers. I told the world..."how happy I was he had returned safely from Israel. I had always considered Councilor Pfeffer as my long lost cousin from the other side of the fence. His side of the family had all the brains and my side had the good looks."

I have more to say about John David Pfeffer and Senator Zion from the Great State of New Mexico, but I have to run down to City Hall to pick up my papers to run for Mayor of Santa Fe.

So if you want to be a City Councilor or the Mayor of Santa Fe, go to the City Clerk's office on the second floor of City Hall and pick up the packet. It's fucking easy as hell. It's free. And man, it is really fun, just ask Pfeffer.

Governor Bill Richardson is up for re-election in 2006 and today was the first day to pick up filing papers for State of New Mexico's political campaigns.

I love the Capitol area on Saturday. Calm.

It has been six years since the Secretary of State for New Mexico has had offices in the Roundhouse. How the fuck should I know?

The church bells actually were chiming eight when I opened the door to the two story building next to the Capitol that housed the Secretary of State. I was there to pick up a petition to run for Governor.

As far as I could tell, Santa Fe City Councilor David Pfeffer, Geno Zamora, and I were the first ones there. Pfeffer was filing papers for the U.S. Senate (Republican) and Zamora, former Chief Counsel to Fat Bill, was there for papers to run for N.M. Attorney General.

As I went to the window to get the packet, I caught Pfeffer's eye. The last time we met, David Pfeffer told me, "I'm not talking to you about anything."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because of all the bad things you said about Jews", Pfeffer snapped back at me.
What things did I say? I really didn't know what anti-Israeli comment of mine he misconstrued to be Anti-Semitic.
"I don't remember exactly what you said, but..." Pfeffer answered, with that look like, 'Oh shit, I don't have a quote.'

Anyway, when I saw Councilor Pfeffer I put out my hand to shake his and I gave him a respectful nod, "Councilor." This time, Pfeffer was ready with his quote..."What are you running for now, God?". What a geek, I thought.
"I'm running for God's Boss, Governor of New Mexico", I said.
Just then the smiling clerk asked, "Will that be on a Major Party ticket?"


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