Friday, May 05, 2006

What does it mean?

People get here different ways. Some are looking for trouble, others looking to be troubled. But nobody wants to be bored.

The street is a funny place. Like money, it has its own rules.
The internet is like the street, only more nasty. From a self-destruction point of view, web life is more dangerous than life on the streets.
The Ave. was a very public street. I think Telegraph Avenue still must be more like a show than the street.

"Big Fish Bite If You Got Good Bait."

Like Pantagleize, every day I had to think of some phrase of the day. Most of the time it would be something on the order of "Programs. Programs. You can't tell the agents with out a program."

Like the internet, on the street there are good hits and bad hits. But the worst fucking thing is no hits all.


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