Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bill Richardson will annouce his Presidental Bid in 5 days.

I saw Steve Flance at Kaune's. He definitely was at Fat Bill private swearing in at the Governor's Mansion.

"Did you party with Bill?" I asked.
"I didn't party WITH him. I did go to his the swearing in at the Mansion and inaugural ball." Flance always looks at me with such trepidation but manages to smile a little with " Dancing to the Soul Deacons. Can’t beat it."

Flance is a very fit old rocker who made it to the top and is one of Bill Richardson's inner circle. But he thinks we have history and always seems uncomfortable with me now. Flance is like Denko or Rat Lujan in that I had never said anything bad about either of them but once I started insulting Fat Bill that put me on the their shit list.

I tried to explain to Flance that Richardson had gained a lot of respect from me by inviting me into his office even "After I called him a cocksucker." My language bothered Flance but he did flinch. I went on to explain how I was working for the creation of the "Richardson Collection: The World of Marbled Papers."
"Good for you." the again serious Flance said.
Trying to make him smile I said, "I tried to hit up the Grossmans for a pile of money to start it up." The Grossmans are the Flances' neighbors.
Then I said something that made Steve Flance turn to walk away.
"I think the Governor is running for U.S. Secretary of State."
Flance thought I was being a wiseass but I wasn't. He stopped and said, "He would make a good one."
"I know." I said.


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