Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chief Bev Lennen "Rat Cage" Research on New Mexican's Web Site

When I was a freshman in college some psyche students set this little experiment up to examine the limit of peer pressure one would take to make you change your perception of reality.
Bev Lennen said "Lastly, I have been doing a lot of ... research"

By Bev Lennen
(Submitted: 03/15/2007 1:50 am)
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Colorado = (Dr. ...colleagues) (JJ) (JV)

DN says his real name is JJ

I thought that it would be fun if you were to take a look at the New Mexican's onine forum. It is definitely a haven for elitist liberals. I know that you can easily take those folks, who all read from the same script, to task. Thanks for your service. Jean Vigil | 02.08.07 - 11:44 am | #

By Dave Nelson
(Submitted: 03/14/2007 4:50 pm)

Got tired of it anyhow. So many clones reciting the same things. You would think there could be some serious thought and reasoning on occasion.

Thanks ya'll. It's been real fun, well not always fun, well not ever real, but its been. :-) Vaya con Dios.

To know someone here or there
with whom you can feel
there is understanding
in spite of distances or
thoughts expressed
That can make life a garden."

Nelson says;"DN is just a beat up old telephone man"
Fuck you Goethe and fuck you Nelson.

So nine months later I post part of this Blog.

By Dave Nelson
Cove, have you been eating mushrooms?

By Donado Coviello

Nelson again ... No. That last post was from Bev, Jean and you.

By Dave Nelson
It is not the most coherent of collations, Cove. Kind of looks edited. The revisionist type.

By Donado Coviello
I found it in my Blog from 3/15/07. Three days before I terminated (removed) my blog. I was reposting all my old blogs todays and came upon that one. Ask Bev about it.

By Dave Nelson
That was before you quit dope and found Jesus?

By Donado Coviello

It was the cause.
What do you think Bev was talking about?

By Dave Nelson
If it was longer than 10 minutes ago I would probably have forgotten. Why are you asking me that?

Bev, what were you talking about?

By Donado Coviello

Are you kidding me Nelson? Your mind is like a vise ... Or is that your mind is a vice. I bet you can quote me every percived insult from PC ever to cross your eyes.

Later that evening the Chief responded:

By Bev Lennen
Dave and Cove - My March post. Things were not all that congenial in here. I sensed that it was a "closed society" and try as I might...probably would never fit in.

I started doing some simple on-line research to see if I was correct (or possibly overreacting) as I still didn't "get" all the ins and outs of this place. What I found was a unusually high percentage of names (unknown real or monikers) used in this room also associated with LA or LANL/Sandia (current or past), or with certain companies contracted by LANL/Sandia, for various services (hardware, software, you name it ...)

One poster dropped all sorts of "professional" names in here, re immigration topics, and interestingly enough, when googled, they also came back to companies, universities, etc. that linked back to certain LANL projects. Of course I had no way of knowing whether someone was simply using the same sites I found to throw out names, choose monikers, or if it was nothing more than coincidence. Dr. J Jimenez linked back to Colorado, LANL, and a few other things that I don't recall off the top of my head now - 9 mo. later...

The post from Jean came-up when I googled her name - and I thought those in here had a right to know how they were being talked about on other forums...

In retrospect, I may have hit on some things, missed others by a mile, but to this day, I know many of you have known each other longer than this room has existed, have close connections that go beyond this room, and that dynamic causes me to trip over myself and to unwittingly step on toes sometimes. I just decided that it didn't really matter one way or another, and I came back with a new attitude.

Why did I put it so cryptically? Simply because it was not my intention to ID/expose/out anyone. I knew if I hit, or was close, they would one else would need to. Then, LOL Dave admitted to using JJ - but the comedian...not the Dr. (lol)