Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mayor David Coss of Santa Fe doesn't care.

David Coss is a good man but a poor Mayor. Coss concentrates on intangibles and neglects the realistic. His community "book reading" and river clean-ups make good public relation stunts but do nothing to improve people lives. Our mushy Mayor talks a good game about immigrant and the poor but he gives most of his attention and our tax money away to billionaires like Thornburg.

Coss shows compassion to City Hall employees but not only doesn't he care about small business but he blames them for our City's problems. In the one year David Coss has been Mayor the City's economy has taken a drive. Even using his own figures, with half a year to go this year's budget is down 10% from last year. His reliance on the very mean and anti-business Council Heldmeyer does not bode well for our bureaucratic City.

The look of the geeky Coss and the dowdy Councilor Speedbump Heldmeyer does not project an appealing image for a City seeking visitors. But worst of all Co$$ rehired the former Visitor and Convention director that he had fired, Darlene Griego even though her failed advertising program for City is now in the courts and is being investigate as a fraud.

Governor Fat Bill and Speaker Rat Lujan (seated) with Mayor Co$$ and Councilor Speedbump Heldmeyer (standing)


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