Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bill Richardson's favorite upcoming TV show: The Lost Soul's Room

LSR: The TV Show. The first is a series real life unreality shows that feature Internet chat rooms will debut in 2008. The show follows a streaming video chat room on the front page of the e-version of the newspaper the Santa Fe New Mexican.

The premise of the show is all the participant of a chat room are required to have web cam installed on their computer with their images being streamed in real time while they engage in dialogue in the The Lost Souls' Room (chat room).

Follow the adventure as these eccentric and obsessed blog hounds as they disguise themselves in attempts change identities and fool their fellow bloggers with more and more outrageous lie and schemes.

While alliances are made and destroyed by flaming, baiting and other online fun, you can Watch and find out who are the mystery deleters. Join in at home and become of this whacky but lovable Internet gang of fruitcakes with a chance to solve the who’s who puzzle and win the grand prize offered by Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper


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