Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cliff Waldo Mills on abolishing the "mean spirited" Santa Fe Plaza vending program.

Santa Fe street vendor on the Plaza.

One candidate for City Council, Cliff Mills, recently wrote to the supervisor of the City of Santa Fe's Plaza street vending characterizing the program as "mean spirit(ed)” and proposed the whole program be "abolished." In a letter to City Supervisor Sev Gurule, Mills said the sellers of all that crap on the plaza had "developed a proprietorial, exclusive and elitist" view on selling their stuff in "public space forever at taxpayer expense."

There is nothing unusual about the characterization of the program except Cliff Mills is himself a Plaza vendor.

In perfect bureaucratic style, Sevastian E. Gurule responded that he "appreciated" Mills concerns but instructed Mills to "refrain from using this (the City's) e-mail distribution" system for his complaint.

Gurule had in the past been forced to return gifts he received from the very vendors that he was suppose to be managing.

Cliff Waldo Mills regularly haunts The Lost Souls' Room.


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