Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cove's Lost Souls Room Breakdown.

How does one become a Lost Soul? How does one end up in the The Lost Souls' Room?

Cove says that after forty years he gave up smoking pot because of the Lost Souls' Room. Not only that, he gave up porn. He says that the intermingling of the 'story of Edge’ and the story of 'missing Romero boy' and a video interview about his hippie days caused him to blow his mind. All three events triangulated in the two-bit chat officially called

Cove calls himself a political activist. For a while he was known for his letters to the editor at the Santa Fe New Mexican. When introduced to him, people would inevitably say "oh yeah, you're the guy who writes the letters." So when the internet came along and the newspaper started to allow comments direct under a news story on e-edition of the paper ... Cove was in hog heaven.

Cove interviewing former Mayor of Santa Fe Debbie Jaramillo


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