Thursday, November 22, 2007

J.C. Warfield Saves Not Only Governor Bill Richardson But Also The WORLD!

Lt. John "J.C. the Ladies Man" Warfield (left) apprehends an Alien assassin after Governor Bill Richardson.

I first met J.C. as he was leaving Trader Joe's when I was collecting signatures on a petition to run for Mayor of Santa Fe. He caught my attention because he wasn't carrying any bags of groceries. He had nothing in his hands.

I knew J.C. Warfield's name from blogging on the New Mexican's web page. In fact because of an online "bet" that I had made and lost to him, I had a strange sense he was assigned to play me 'man to man.' By Whom? I'm still not sure.

That is the thing about the The Lost Souls' Room. You are never sure who is who; for whom they work and why they are in the room.

When I first met Warfield was Warfield I gave him a hug and flat stated "I thought you were a product of my imagination" or something like that. We talked a couple of time in 'real life' after that, the last time was on the Plaza. Warfield was walking with another close-cropped guy when I called out to him.
"Hey J.C. ... What do you do?
"As little as possible."
"I thought you were a cop", I declared.
Looking toward his partner then back to me ... "Other people have said that."


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