Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Labeler" Game

In the New Year, in order to get more hits on the photos (that I web host myself) from my blog, I am going to re-label many of the pictures as to more accurately name the photos to coincide with what wording people are searching for images on Google and also at the same time tying the photo's title into the title of my web posting.

I have just begun to "play' what I call a Google 'game' called Google Image Labeler.

For example, the photo below was labeled by my nephew to be used in his documentary "My Hippies." He labeled the photo for his identification of the shot not for what people might be searching for with "Google Image Search." His title was 5-wall where since I am going to place the photo in a post with the heading "60's Hippie Tribe" I am going to rename the photo Hippie_Rock_Band. [The dashes (-) and underscores (_) are old computer conventions to make it easier for the machines to recognize words and letters.] The name of the band, NGC 4594, of the names its members might be important in labeling the pictures if the band had become famous or as we said in those days "made it" ... but it didn't.

Go to Google, then to Images and then click on "labeler". Try naming the pictures the that robots at Google flash in front of you. The machine will pick a partner for you and for two minutes you can try to match your discriptions of the images with partner describtions. Then Come back and tell me what you would label the above photo.


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Well, no one has come up with a better one, so does that mean I win? Where can I pick up my prize?


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