Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Plant

Daniel "the real problem is" (in this case) not Cove nor Henry .... it is Nelson. It is Nelson who stole "Donado Coviello's " name and used it to post fraudulent libelous comments and to delete other people's comments. And in general the "real problems" are the fake named trouble makers like "Roland Barnes" who's goal it is to make this site a personal thrash-a-thon. But what Nelson did by stealing my identity to post and delete using my name REAL (and public figure) name was more than trashing ... it was criminal. And I think Nelson has done it before not only on this site but others.

The New Mexican 's system can not prevent what Nelson did. Nelson is a better hacker than the tech people at the New Mexican. It is serious stuff. Years ago someone took the names of posters from site who they did not like (including KB and I); who had strong and different political beliefs and who where being effective in arguing their anti-establishment (administration?) causes and those "someones" made a site like Nelson's "mud pit." And as Nelson did so easily with my name here those "someones" posted fraudulent libelous disgusting statements that were contrary to the real person's beliefs. Those comments are forever on the Internet.

At the time of that fraud, I went to the New Mexican and because all the stolen names on the fraudulent "black flag" website where ONLY real people's names who were posting on this New Mexican site ... the New Mexican freaked. They were worried that the site was being "hacked." The paper attempted to shut down the "black flag" or fake site that was using real Santa Fean names who posted here and the big bad New Mexican couldn't do anything about shut down the fake site.

Then Nelson and Jean showed up. Now Nelson is using the same M.O right here on this site to discredit, disrupt and disarm the "dissidents." Think what you will about my words, attitudes and beliefs but don't doubt my motives. Unlike Nelson I am foremost pro-freedom, pro-liberty, pro-free-speech, and anti-war. Nelson and Jean are plants.

So I got pissed at the Web Ed. Henry about Nelson who I thought had hijacked my name and asked that Nelson be bounced off the site for a while. But even though Nelson knew of the details of the name stealing, he didn't do it.

A short eMail from the Web editor told me that Nelson had volunteered to be suspended to protect one of his underlings.

"I don't discuss other people's accounts with others, but you won't see comments from Nelson for a while."


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