Monday, December 31, 2007

Some things are funny

By David Lopez
About your comment "I am Nelson."

Cove, I always thought you were the Walrus, co co ca choo

By Donado Coviello
David I just deleted (within your copied screen grab) the comment by the poster named "Donado Coviello" as a 'duplicate.' The computer removed it from somewhere but not from your post. Does this prove the alternate universe theory?

By David Lopez
Cove, I noticed that could happen. I clicked on the link within my link and discovered that the post could be poofed remotely as it were.

I think it's now the Alternate Universe Law, Sir Donad Coviello.

I wonder if posters are nice in that alternate universe? Nah, in the alternate universe, the sharks live in the air, and troll for humans in the water.

Cove, I don't know how long you were hijacked. But because I'm convinced you were, I'm going to lobby Henry whenever I think of it to get you on instant post on the other side.

By Donado Coviello
I do like the name Donut Cove.
Thank you David. I think if I go crawling on my hand and knees down to the New Mexican's office Henry might let be become a "Newby." On second thought I think I better just call him because ever since I described City Editor Rob Dean's manly appendage as small I have not been welcome to be in the Newsroom. I'm sorry Rob ... it was a joke. No more bad taste jokes for me ... at least not on the other side.

By David Lopez
I like the blonde joke where a blonde and some guy are going to make love. She sees his tiny appendage and asks who he thinks he's going to satisfy with that tiny thing. Why myself, he replies.

By Donado Coviello
On that funny note I'm off to do some outside work. See you later David.


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