Friday, January 04, 2008

The Corrupting Ben "The Rat" Lujan

Reprint from March 10, 2007

I think it's time to get angry.

The only person stopping the passage of medical marijuana in New Mexico is Representive from Santa Fe and Speaker of the State Legislature ... Fat Bill's good buddy, Ben "The Rat" Lujan.

Ben Lujan has been Richardsons punk since the begin. Lujan supports the war and has never criticized Bush or torture.

From the Santa Fe New Mexican about Ben Lujan's corrupting influence.

It wasn’t very long ago the Obama and Huckabee were thought of as not being "serious" candidates. Locally the City Council has done so much to eliminate who they thought were non-serious candidates that now incumbents and an appointed Judge can ran unopposed. In the last local election one candidate for Mayor who the Hospitality Industry didn’t think was "serious" was the only candidate not to be invited to a public political forum. In 1988 Ben Lujan and the State Democrats thought that Jesse Jackson wasn't a "serious" candidate. They tried to lock his supporter out of the process. He won 55% of the delegates from Santa Fe to the National Convention.

From Ben Lujan’s corrupting actions to the cowardly support of restricting ballot access by this paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican, the insiders are always trying to take the people's right to chose their representation away from the average citizen. Look at the charter revisions for the City of Santa Fe that are on the ballot in March. They all tell people "We that are in power and we know what is good for you ... you stupid poor dumb electorate unable to decide who is a serious candidate."

And we, America, are killing and torturing people in Iraq and all around the whole to bring them our form of Democracy ... Thanks Ben Lujan for the hypocrisy.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Lujan is just another in a long, long line of inbred corrupt New Mexico politicians. It's easier to shake VD than it is to get ticks like him off the public's collective skin. That said, what influence does this "local warlord" have in order to end the war in Iraq? Don't concede even more power to this loser!


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