Monday, January 07, 2008

Paid Provacateurs

By Donado Coviello
I think every once in a while we should look at the reasons for this chat room and the motives of the poster. Roland says that "Calling another poster names hardly qualifies as bringing forth " facts and logic" yet that is exactly what she/he (Jean/Roland) does. Babe seem more like a dupe and focuses on groups of people tagging the whole group with names that reflect the worst traits of a humans who just happen to be in the group that Babe hates

Babe and Roland are trying to provoke. They are classic provocateurs. Roland/Jean wants to keep it personal and Babe keeps his hate broad and cultural. They both have taken to deleting as part of their provocations. For the moment I'm leaving the Station Chief Nelson out of the conversation.

While Cliffy and many others here understand "framing" no one here is capable of defeating the evil intention behind language. Try in your own mind to ignore the words "War on Terror."

While some people try unsuccessfully to dialogue with Roland/Jean and Babe trying to counter their malicious intentions with "facts and logic" the days just slip by. The attention of this room is monopolized by the lowest of the life form that inhabit it. It slips down to the lowest level and again neutralizing any good that could come from communicating on this site. And I personally think that some of the evil ones are getting paid to spew the distracting hate. There is no way to defeat the evil on this side. Now the other side is a different story.

On the news side the attack and distract tactics don't work so well. There is a little more 'you can't yell FIRE in a crowded theatre' on the other side. Have you noticed the Babe doesn't post on the other side because he can't complete in the market place of ideas. The same for Roland/Jean who would be bounce off in a minute.

This whole issue is complicated by the fake name debate with has been going on since the beginning of this room. Nelson, for his own reason, has been for years advocating using all fake name said, "Some of us have, and we are at the mercy at those that don't, whether they used a false name with the intent to evade responsibility or if they allege reasons of security." And Bev Lennen thinks that the fake name is not the problem but the intentions of the people using the fake name..."It is the behavior of some individuals in posting, in deleting, and in using a false name to allow them to attack, belittle, and engage in other cowardly behavior. Isn't that where the efforts for change should be focused?"

I will write more later. I am really heading toward the idea that this room serves no good purpose.

By David Lopez
Cove, do you really think that the New Mexican is paying Babe, Dave and Roland/Jean?

It is on the off chance that when someone goes to rebutt their posts that they might see the ad on top of the page?
Is promoting copy/paste posts good for the bottom line of the New Mexican?

Does promoting multiple personalities bring soap opera fans to the New Mexican, fans who see the ads on top of the page?Does it add to the charm, and revenue of the New Mexican when commenters are called dwarfs, Ferengi, whatever?Does telling other commenters to STFU bring in additional dollars to the New Mexican's bottom line?Does the casual reader of these comments, those that read the ad on top of the page, really care if that's a real name or a monikor?

There, I feel better.

That's what the Chat Room is good for, blowing off steam.

By Bev Lennen
Oh, but Cove. I am not a force or a factor in this room. I'm a part-time "drop-in" at best, with everything that is going on. My thoughts and comments are inconsequential, as such. Onward and upward for those of you who "live" within these borders.

If ,and when I drop-in, I'll go with the flow of the room, try to do so, or move-on. Tis not a big deal for me, and shouldn't be for anyone else.

Think of me as entering on a temp visa; not resident, not alien; just passin' thru... :-)

By CM Williams
I thought about Babe this morning when I was wide awake at 3-bloody-o'clock. I've come to the conclusions that #1) He's terribly gullible. Anything negative about Muslims catches his eye and supports his fallacy that all Muslims are evil...and #2) He neglects to see that Muslims are the new political scapegoats, like the Jews were in WWII and the American Indians were before that. He buys into the propoganda no matter what it is because of his capacity for being so gullible.

After I thought about this for about 20 seconds, I found a good book and read until I was sleepy again.

By David Lopez
Cove, might the RNC be the ones writing those checks?

By Donado Coviello

By Dave Nelson
(Submitted: 03/14/2007 7:29 pm)
Babe, government workers have to hide behind a fake name. So they can have freedom of speech and not get yelled at for being on the computer all of the time or embarass their bosses

By David Lopez
Does Babe work the the Government, under that obviously fake name?

Is it his job to rouse the rabble, justifying the Govrnment's killig of innocent Muslim women and children?

By Bev Lennen

Why assume ONLY government workers? What about reporters looking for angles on stories? What about communications/technology researchers testing the "market"? What about religious groups keeping a pulse on American faith and morality? What about bloggers looking for fodder for their own sites? What about hackers looking for links/sites to lay their magic on?
So many possibilities, so little time... :-)


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