Friday, February 01, 2008

1976 - Berkeley

1976 in Berkeley was strange in that I can remember the flavor of bi-centennial year on the main street of a counter-culture's capital city. I can remember the color of the marbleized fabric I sold on the Fourth of July on Telegraph Avenue. I remember the long summer of urban living without a chance for escape. I was spending time making art, doing drugs and getting hit on by all manor of people.

I was underground and had not spoken to my family in five years. I lived off of Grove Street which was a mostly a black middle-class neighborhood. My home which was actually a hand made structure we called the "rocket ship” was in a Olaf's backyard on Ward street. For a while I had a store called Paradise Cove that was on Grove Street on the other side of University Avenue. I had friends who had a store down the street and another friend lived right around the corner. Her friends, that introduced us, had lived with Tim Leary in Millbrook, NY and my friends were then living with Jackie Leary, Tim's son.

Luna’s father was close with Tim Leary and in what was really a small town there were little and few degrees of separations.

As you can see I will write about anything; go off in any tangent or direction; describe connections, name drop or pretend I am a writer just to avoid telling you how I actually felt about some of my friends and what happen to Luna.



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