Thursday, December 30, 2010

See you around Governor, thanks.

Spooky Bill Richardson.

Governor Bill Richardson is out of here in about thirty six hours. Although I don't think that talking about the blogging process is a good way to explain issues, I have to tell you all that most hits I get now come from photos. And since image searches are done by using words it is very important to title your web hosted images to match what people are searching for. The small photo of Richardson listening to what seemed to be one of his spy friends is weakly titled "small_spooky_Bill"
and the other small photo titled "wen_ho_lee" both could have been better titled something like "Bill_Richardson_CIA" or "Richardson_spy_China" ... that is, if I wanted to discuss how Richardson was allowed to do what he did as an international diplomat.

Bill Richardson and former Governor Gary Johnson while hunting. Gun control in New Mexico ...I don't think so!
Of course the words you use in a file (post) attract hits to a photo and the more hits a file gets the higher a image gets in the image search. So say I did a post about Richardson that became popular and I also used a photo of President Obama smoking (which I did do) within that post then when people searched for an images of "Bill Richardson" the photo below pops up in that search.


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