Thursday, February 09, 2012

Getting High at Fountainhead Rock

Getting High at Fountainhead Rock, Santa Fe NM.

Fountainhead Rock is a fountain in Santa Fe, NM attached to a parking lot on the corner of Water and Don Gaspar streets.  The fountain cost the City $50,000.00 and was built by Tomas Lipps, stone mason. The area around the fountain is call "Fountainhead Rock Place" and because of neglect by the City "The Rock" (as the dope dealers call it) has become blighted and dangerous. 

The Rock has become a receptacle for cigarette butts, filthy water, old food and during a recent cleaning that I volunteered to do, I found a drug needle.  Public drinking and smoking pot is common everyday. The drugs being sold are not just herb but coke, crack and heroine as well.

 You looking at me? You looking at me?

The other day, I witnessed a dealer passing a 'bindle' (a small folded homemade envelope) to a college age guy. After a short conversation I made my point.
"If I can see you THEY can see you."
But then again, why the fuck should I care if THEY don't care? I watched the a Parking Division municipal parking lot worker chat with, who knows,  friend or stranger for what seemed like a half hour.  I videoed 3 1/2 minutes until I filled the card in my camera and I got bored.

 Santa Fe City Worker.

Obviously not all the people hanging around  Fountainhead Rock are drug dealers or users.  Some of the younger kids who I call "Rock Rats" formerly 'Plaza Rats' are nice people, stoned or not. Sam (pictured middle bellow) volunteer to help me clean out the fountain. He helped pull old slimy bean pods dropped from the tree above into the stagnant water. I had to tell him not to put his hands in the water because of the dangerous germ level.

Vince, Sam, and a Bro.


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous sharetheyoga said...

hi Danny,
Vince turned me on to your blog and I read the 2008 post. He wrote me last week after 36 years. I still have 2 pieces of Fabriano. I knew you briefly then. Circles within circles...but I knew Luna and Star.. yes, I was there..on the Ave. in the of the kids, though I was 19..a bit older, except for Pam who was older than me. She managed the used clothing store.

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my email in case you want to contact me and talk about old times..I'd enjoy that.


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