Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pi Day, Hand Pie, Rasberry Pi, hand pi day = spam pie

If you search images you use words. Obviously the ability to manipulate what images appear  with which words is available to even dopes like myself. The "absolutely wrong" tagging of photos on Google image search so that nothing but photos of Rommey popped up was a perfect example of geek Democrats manipulating the process. Getting Hand Pi images and content to be associate with key words is the prime directive. What are the words or phases that are beginning to attach to Hand Pi? Helping Hand; Pi Day; Hand Pies; pi; Einstine; Pi Day 2015; 3.1415 and hand pi day (3/14/15).

"Einstine_hand_pi_day" is the label I put on the image on the left.  It will take awhile but that image will show up on searches for: "Pi Day" - "Hand Pi" - "Einstine.

The real trick is to find or create or combine associated values to the Jungian image.


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