Monday, February 11, 2013

What is Pi Day NM and why Mike Cerletti.

Pi Day is an unofficial holiday commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 represented by 3/14 in month/day or 3.14 in decimal form.  3.14 are the first three and most important numbers of π . In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

Pi day's first large scale celebration was 25 years ago at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA.
It was started by Larry Shaw (Prince of Pi),  a physicist working for that very popular interactive science museum. The 'holiday' has grown to become a fun filled educational event celebrated live and online all around the world.

Pi Day NM is March 14, 2013 and this year it is proposed that the State of New Mexico honor Mike Cerletti, former Secretary of Tourism for the State.  On March 13  some of Santa Fe's best restaurants and the SFCC Culinary School will team up to honor Mike Cerletti and the NM Tourism Department in the Roundhouse lobby. Pie will be served

Pi Day  is a celebration of art, science and food. Being Einstein's birthday as well, the day celebrates both mind and spirit.  Here in New Mexico we have the best art, the most advanced science, and a love of sharing our food that is exceeded by no one.  Mike Cerletti knew that. He wanted everyone in the world to know that and wanted them to come here to see and feel how TRUE these claims were.

On Pi Day there will be a benefit 'Pie Sale' at the proposed Cerletti Park (Fountainhead Rock), Santa Fe.  A Mike Cerletti apprenticeship program is being created to channel Pi Day activities and energy  toward an ongoing tradition. with a beneficial and charitable meaning for Pi Day NM. That's what Mike Cerletti would have wanted as a memorial.

Pi Day celebrations around the country from a Teach Pi web site.

Hold a pie-baking contest, where students and teachers bake and submit pies to a panel of judges, maybe drawn from the community. Raise money for a charity or your math club by selling the remaining slices of each pie.

»»»» Teachers at Schroeder M.S. in Grand Forks, ND raised $125 for their local Humane Society through a Pi Day pie bakeoff they called the "Power of Pie" contest. Judging of the 22 pies was done by the newspaper's food editor, and a few community leaders. Aside from the overall winners, ribbons were also given to the Best Presentation and Ugliest Pie.



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