Monday, March 11, 2013

Brian Egolf = Governor Ego?

Obama, Schiliro and  Udall have declared  NM State Representative Brian Egolf as the Democratic heir apparent to run for governor against Republican Susana Martinez in 2014.

Brian Egolf's ego is so large that it requires daily stroking by the other Democratic Legislators. He is the epitome of graceless left-wing politics. "Chairman Ego" as he is sometimes called, is nasty and a lawyer ... I guess that's redundant.  Prejudice toward "gas and oil" will do Democrats no good in New Mexico.  Being anti-corporation is not being pro-middle class as much as it is pro-government.

Who gives a shit about it anyway.  The guy wouldn't even carry a memorial for "Pi Day NM" I mean talk about being anti-geek.


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