Thursday, March 07, 2013

Pi Day Pie

Cerletti Apprenticeship Program for Pi Day NM - March 14 (3.14)

We __________________________________  agree to accept ___

apprentice(s) from the SFCC Culinary School for one day (4 – 8 hours)

for the purpose of creating a “Pi Day NM” pie. The pie(s) itself will be

judged for best “Pi Day” pie at the New Mexico Legislature on March

14, 2013. The pie becomes the property of the SFCC Culinary

School to be shared at the State Capitol on “Pi Day NM” March 14



We ________________________________ agree to enter (donate)

____ “Pi Day” pies to the SFCC Culinary School’s  “Pi Day NM”

activities at the NM Capitol (Roundhouse)  on March 14 (3.14)

Company _____________________________________________________

SFCC Culinary School
Hand Pi LLC


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