Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Radioactive Santa Fe - NM's Politics of Radiation

Ever since the Rosenbergs passed atomic secrets in a Jell-o box to a Russian spy on a bridge in Santa Fe, the City has not been the same. The exact twin bridge still crosses the Santa Fe river at Garcia Street. 

The history of Santa Fe is over four hundred years old and is checkered with periods of oppression and violence, some of the oppression coming from our own Federal Government. The force of government in the development of nukes in the nearby Los Alamos even today could easily crush anything that looks like resistance. Why now would the Feds be quitely focusing at one particular radioactive rock in historic downtown Santa Fe?

Fountainhead Rock, a public art project on the corner of Water and Don Gaspar streets, has become a heaven for drug dealers and hoodlums. "The Rock" or "Punk Rock" (to the younger crowd) was removed from the top of an old volcano in Arizona and use as a cap stone for stonemason Tomas Lipps' "Fountainhead Rock."

My involvement in "The Rock" suddenly accelerated when researching it radioactivity just as the local government suddenly went silent on the issues. What issue you ask?

Is the ionized radiation coming of the rock any danger to the health or safety of the community?

Health wise,  the radiation given of by "The Rock" of seems to add to the considerable natural high background radiation in this granite-filled high altitude city albeit 14 times the radiation of local rocks.

Safety wise its a different story.  The information about Fountainhead Rock's radiation that I was getting was from web sites that also mentioned 'dirty bombs.'


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