Thursday, April 04, 2013

Phil Griego NM State Senator

Senator Phil Griego and I go back awhile ... long before the Val Kilmer thing, in fact before the Mike Runnells thing.

All I know is our big and restless Governor was a no-show when the New Mexican tried to do something about the "Achievement Gap." Anyway, I saw State Senator Phil Griego at that community forum. I asked him if he was feeling better.
It seems Val "fuck face" Kilmer mouthed off about New Mexico in Rolling Stone and Sen. Griego told Val and all his Hollywood coke head friends to take a flying fuck and stop disrespecting northern New Mexico and it's people... at least publicly you turd Kilmer.

Our Governor Large Lard, always looking for an excuse to eat, publicly invites Sen. Phil and Kilmer to a sit down dinner at the mansion. Phil says fuck you to the both of them and publicly say he's ill.
"So were you really sick?" I asked Griego standing outside the College of Santa Fe.
"Hell no. I wasn't going to eat with the...” Phil lays into Kilmer as I literally jump up and down in delight with our State Senator's description of the whacked-out movie star.

After Fat Bill's dinner with Val Kilmer and without Phil Griego, Governor Suck-off Richardson declared to the press "Val Kilmer is a great New Mexican." I think it's Senator Phil Griego who is a great New Mexican and that he ate Bill Richardson for lunch.


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