Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Public Access Community TV at SFCC

Dunado Coviello, longtime public access producer and former SFCC student proposes a cable Community TV show shot on campus at the East Wing Eatery, SFCC Culinary School, and at the Community TV studio. A total of six (6) hours of shooting per week.

The program will be aired daily Mon.-Fri day in fifteen minute segment.

The segments shot at the East Wing Eatery would be straight-on opinion person-on-the-street type interviews about what the person considers 'News.'  Signed releases would be required to air the opinion interviews. This segment is similar to a former Public Access show called "YO" (Your Opinion). There is no censorship of views but any inappropriate language or hate speech will not be aired.

The segments shot in Culinary classroom or on location (other than SFCC) will be strictly about food, the Culinary program itself or SFCC culinary students' involvement in community activities such as the proposed Cerletti Apprenticeship Program. Signed written releases are required for any airing.

The segments shot in the campus TV studio will be a continuation of my latest series Liberty Land on channel 16. New media mixed with old TV news/politics. The studio series take place within the  "Republic de Santa Fe" and is sponsored by Hand Pi LLC and underwritten by Crazy Fox clothing store.



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