Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Response to Judith’s Input


1. I have spoken to Ed Vigil a few times presenting him and Sev with a survey and diagram of the exact location of Hand Pi activities. The value of the property that I researched and quoted in my proposal were from the full time rental cost of the private commercial property contiguous to the proposed “Cerletti Park.”

2. From the beginning I was clear and specific about the activities that would occur on the proposed use area. NO, I will not be selling jewelry. I specifically stated that we would be doing and demonstrating art processes including but not limited to marbling, painting, weaving and carving. All participants in this category would have a Buskers Licenses. I don’t believe any license or permit is required to do or make art in a public place.

The second category of activity/use involves the playing of non-electric non-digital games. Chess, checkers, backgammon, and board games are some of activities planned that do not need any special permission or permits from the City. The “Chess Tournament” like the last one we put on, that was discussed in our meeting, would require a permit but 240 sq. ft. is plenty of space for a few chess games. In fact as you know, we paid for the outdoor chess table in the proposed Cerletti Park area and if the City doesn’t think it is ‘Art’ then we would gladly remove it.

The third activity we proposed on that public land is well within our right to do without permits or interference from the City. Again, as specifically stated before, we intend to exercise our right of free expression to organize, educate and petition on that public land in question. A Public Access Community TV news show will be shot there (Fountainhead Rock) and aired on cable Channel 16.


Eventually we will sell food. When we do it will be within municipal law as it stands and will be in association with a non-profit organization, neighborhood licensed businesses and State health and environment rules.  Santa Fe Community College Culinary School, Santa Fe Farmers Market, Kiwanis, with Hotel St. Francis, Inn of the Governors, Coyote Café, among many others, all have declared interest or have committed to doing a food program there in that area. Is the City against charitable or neighborhood bake sales?

3. Why would one think that I or any of us would want to “alter/affect” the “art”? It is Hand Pi LLC that wants to promote a healthy ‘art in a park’ concept for Fountainhead Rock. It was the City that allowed the problems of ‘The Rock’ to occur. Again, we in the neighborhood want to honor Mike Cerletti, Tomas Lipps and Don Gaspar. The City seems to want to protect drug dealers, aggressive panhandlers, and the City’s own perceived alienable right to blight.

I have tried to get information about what was the publicly owned art around the Water St. Parking Lot. We would like the City to be transparent about this issue. I was not even able to get a hearing from the Art Commission’s subcommittee on ‘Art In Public Places.’

4. If I could get anyone at City Hall walk the two or three block over there I could show him or her exactly what I propose to do as far as landscaping. I had spoken to you about planting corn in honor of Don Gaspar.  I have proposed Hand Pi be responsible for watering and cleaning of the entire area and for planting flower around ‘Turtle Rock’, Fountainhead Rock and the Stone Chess Table.

5. I will continue to call the space in question “the proposed Cerletti Park.” If there were to be a resolution to rename the public space around the Water Street Parking Lot then it would come the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. 

This proposal to trade services for use of public lands with this level of dollar value can be authorize by the City Manager. I have been asking to have the City Manager bring this deal to the Council from the beginning. The only way to insist this go before the Governing Body is to appeal the City Manager’s decision to withhold information, to cover-up misuse of public funds and/or to appeal his decision not to grant we in the neighborhood due process.

6. I was thinking the Attorney General might sponsor my resolution.



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