Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keith Gardner, Coach Lenny Roybal and Jane Powdrel-Culbert

Keith Gardner,  Chief of Staff for NM Governor Martinez welcomes the Legislative Delegation to the Governor's office for the ritual escorting of the Chief Executive to the floor of the Legislature. Why I like the guy, beside his trashy foul mouth language, is why I like other Republicans at this years Round House circus ... they are more open and honest than the spoil sport Democrats.

The halls of the Round House and the Floor of the New Mexico House and Senate make me proud to be a New Mexican living in America.

Above Governor Martinez in the Halls of the Round House in Santa Fe NM

I was at the Round House to push Pi Day NM. Before the opening gavel I walked the floor of the House, first on the minority side looking for Rep. Powdrell-Culbert and then on the majority side toward Lucky's desk hoping to run into Jeff. Both Powdrell-Culbert and Jeff Varela had tried to help me out last session.
Wouldn't you know it as I  walked from 'right' to 'left' I ran smack into Elgolf. Yike!
I then literally ran into Ben Ray's arms.
Our U.S. Congressman Lujan was talking to Jeff as I fled from foaming-at-the-mouth Elgolf.  Coming up from his side Lujan turned, smiled a recognizing nod and gave me a hug.
"Did you read my comments?" I asked Jeff. But it was Congressman Lujan that responded, "Yes, we did."
"Which comment?"Jeff asked quickly.
"The one where I said you were supporting Patti." I said, trying to get his goat.
 Cut ahead to a few days later. When I was in Lucky's office trying to find our whether he was going to 'carry' the Pi Day resolution. I knew I was waiting there for long time just to be turned down but what the fuck I got to talk to David.
David and I worked at the Census together. You would immediately recognize David, he's the guy that Jon Hendry got cast as the actor Jeff Goldblume's double in a movie that takes place in a New Mexico political backroom. But standing up bullshitting with a well placed implanted staffer was more boring for the both of us than it was worth so I sat down for while in one of the two chairs in the busy small office.
After a while Jeff Varela comes out of Lucky's office for a split second and points to the nice guy waiting next to me and says "My Junior High Coach." Of course it was Coach Lenny Roybal. Jeff flies back into the office leaving Roybal and I to wait some more.
But to make a long story short, after I had waited far to long (who the fuck does he think he is Jill Cooper Udall?) I got up to leave and it was then that Coach Roybal gave me the answer to the question "How do you know who the honest people are at the Round House?"

They are the one who will tell you your fly is down. And it seems, at least for that day Coach Roybal was the only honest person I met.


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