Saturday, January 04, 2014

Pi Day NM and Pie Day NM

January 23 is Pie Day NM and March 14 is Pi Day NM.

Making pie is as easy as one-two-three (1/23). Making a circle is easy with Pi on March 14 (3.14).

January 23 is National Pie Day and March 14 is Einstein's birthday, nationally known as Pi Day.

In Pie Town and other places in New Mexico we celebrate "Pie Day" by making and sharing pies.
In New Mexico we celebrate "Pi Day" by making round pies and sharing them with others.

Pie Day NM has become a day when we honor people and organizations who help feed the hungry.
Pi Day NM has become a day when we honor our State's science and tourism.


At 4:15 AM, Blogger visitor here said...

Danny, I don't know if you've seen my previous comments, but my name is Mark L. Vines, & I really want to talk with you about Luna & Star.

I never knew them, but knew Bob Wilson starting maybe 11 years after Luna's death. I met him only about 5 times but we were simpatico & some of our conversations were intense. In our last real talk when we discussed the unlikelihood that Luna would ever be resuscitated, he said he now understood that if she does awaken, most of her memories will not have survived her time in cryonic suspension, & then he said with regret & something like self-loathing, "She won't learn much about who she was from reading Cosmic Trigger," characterizing that book as revealing more about Tim Leary than about Luna. At the time I thought he was nerving himself up to write more about Luna in his own subsequent career, but it seems he never did, so I may be taking that on, since Bob owed her & I owe Bob.

I have a book concept that renders revelations of life in mid-70s Berkeley rather safer than they might otherwise be: it'll be a science fiction biography or SFB, set in the far future with flashbacks to Berkeley, & will have a kick-ass disclaimer defining the book as fiction. But my SFB needs to be true anyway & it won't be what it could be without input from you &, for that matter, without input from Star.

Having learned of Luna's death & chosen to run away, would Catherine Star have gone for help to Paul Segall & the EPP, disappearing into their network of refuges? Or are they more the kind of people she would have wanted to run from? You'd know the answer to that; I wouldn't.

But, even though Dr. Segall died in 2003, some people close to him are still alive. If Star used the EPP to run away, my chances of learning more about her, our chances if you choose to sign on, are probably better than zero.

Mark L. Vines


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