Monday, April 14, 2014

Simon Brackley, In My Face. Zane Fischer Gone Fishing.

I never thought Santa Fe Camber of Commerce boss Simon Brackley was a wuss. In fact, I thought he had to be tough playing in that league where nice guys finish last.  Simon has an image of a Brit gentleman businessman rather than the power broker that he is and so when he fucking got in my face at a public event he was sponsoring ... I just freakin' loved it.

The De Vargas Mall event was billed as a networking sorta jobs fair information help thing. Hand Pi has reached a point of needing help. I strolled the booths and stopped at the Mix table. Maybe almost twistedly hoping to run into that obnoxious Zane Fisher.

I was talking to the nice young lady manning the table when Simon Brackley, the event's big shot, comes right to me, gets right in my face and starts his I've-been-looking for-you-Fucker conversation. The kid working the table almost pissed her pants.

The new Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales thinks twice as highly about Simon than he does about the rest of his "Transition Team." Maybe it's because the Limey/American Brackley is twice as tall as the other power brokers on his team making Simon both physically and psychologically look down on people like me. I mean he's a nice guy but not the natural adversary to Government that a Chamber President needed to be in this ultimate BIG Government town.

All the time the President/CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce is losing it about my "personal attacks" on him, I'm thinking ... "What the fuck did I say about the guy that pushed this guy's maniac button." Oh shit, I know.  I called him a "foreigner" on the  New Mexican's chat room, a cyber space also known as the Lost Souls' Room.  What the fuck, "foreigner"?  Hardly over the line and as a matter of fact, it was turning out to be a very effective tool in getting a appointment with the guy if he didn't slug me first.

The odd thing about the encounter was that I had heard Brackley on the sell-out Julia Goldberg's radio show talking about Buskers and I had vowed to give the Chamber President a kiss the next time I saw him. Not a poofy kiss, maybe a valentine letter to the Editor.

Simon Brackley and I kinda made-up.  I went on to other tables looking for help for Hand Pi and looking for that weird Zane Fischer. I really wanted to know from him what he was smoking when he drew up this chart and in which Colorado city did he buy that smoke.


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