Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thank You Jon Hendry ... I think.

Jon Hendry, President New Mexico Federation of Labor, serves free hotdogs outside the Roundhouse during the Legislature.

When I asked a few out-of-work film union brothers and sisters what they would say to Jon Hendry if they could get more than a silent nod out of him, I was surprised to hear one them, who is homeless, say ... "I would thank him for everything he's done."  What the fuck?

When I think about the guy from 600 (Hollywood camera union) and his wife who have been in Santa Fe for a year and a half; bought a big home; and she got appointed to the N.M. Democratic Party Central Committee ... I just want to puke. And yet this 66 year old former union 'stitcher' who is living in her vehicle would thank Mr. Hendry for "everything he's done.

The way I look at it is in order to get film production in New Mexico Hendry had to sell-out to L.A.'s BIG money. BIG money brought their own workers with them and local union members were screwed. BIG money also brought with them their own apprentices (interns) which are paid half what N.M. union members get to do jobs. Those apprenticeships at least should have been given to local young people.

But I know I couldn't do the job Jon Hendry does and I don't think I know anyone else who could do it either. My late Brother-in-law, Jack Sinclair, was a film union carpenter here in Santa Fe. He paid his union dues even after he physically couldn't work anymore. When I think of Jack and my homeless friend in her vehicle I have to thank Jon Hendry also.  But not for "everything he's done" but for what he believes in ... unions.


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