Sunday, January 01, 2017

"I'm A Russian Zombie"

I woke up today and my machine told me, "It's 2017 and I'm a Russian Zombie"

The udder joy I use to feel in the early days of my relationship with my computer are gone. Lost for ever. No more excitement watching the hit count go up on my stat counter for my blogs or the fun I had backtracking where those hits came from. Life and blogging for me now is like a ride in a human-less Uber owned vehicle taking me where they want you to go.

Before Facebook I never ever doubted that the word, language and the First Amendment would save us. But for sure 'Information Technology' is killing us and our religious belief in politics are damning our spirits and minds to a kind of hell.

Ebay disallowed the images of the 60's posters I was selling because they were offensive ... really?


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