Friday, May 27, 2005

Editorial: Too Fat to be President.

Daily Democrats come up to me with horror stories about Fat Bill. Some of the tales are political and others personal about the Governor. As a life-long Democrat the political tales anger me and the personal ones sicken me.

The Large Lard is getting such a reputation that soon his chances for President will go from slim to none. That may be the only time I use the word slim in referring to Governor Doughnut.

Richardson comes from the “Buffalo wing” of the Democratic Party. His politics and personal morality makes even Bill Clinton look like an alter boy. I hate the way he sold-out the Democratic National Convention and threw the election for his CIA buddies. El Puerco couldn’t even carry New Mexico. How can one Governor be so Fat and Lame at time?

Governor Tons-of-Fun is too fat to be even Vice President. And the Hispanic vote will be of no consequence in the next presidential election. In New Mexico the ship of State has a portly Captain name Richardson who only knows how to make turns to the right …so the ship keeps going in circles.


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