Friday, May 27, 2005

Free Speech: It Hurts so Good.

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Alabama congressman finds Bill Maher show near 'treasonous'
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By d l (Submitted: 05/25/2005 5:15 am )
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By John Coventry (Submitted: 05/25/2005 7:45 am )

I sometimes shut Maher off when he and some of his Hollywood sell-out guests do their obligatory "support the troops" comments. If that cracker from Alabama wants some "treason" chew on this f***er.
The entire U.S. military is made made up of pigs, murderers, retards, perverts, psychos, morons, cowards, closet queers, and lawless sexual deviants.
Every rotten individual who served in the military should be rejected, shunned, boycotted, ridiculed, harassed, resisted and refused. All retired military should be force to reside in Alabama with all those defective white inbred that live.
The main thing people should do is teach the children of this country that to "serve" in the military is a character flaw and leads to a dead end in life. The kids must learn that to put on a military uniform is the equivalent of joining a satanic cult, a morally bankrupt and God denying act

By Ray Hudock (Submitted: 05/25/2005 7:55 am )
Mr. Maher and Rep. Bachus have both made idiotic statements.

By James Moore (Submitted: 05/25/2005 8:16 am )
Don't forget to include John Coventry, Ray

By Kaaren Boullosa (Submitted: 05/25/2005 8:33 am )
Yes, Ray, the difference is that Mr. Bachus wants to ensure that the public hears HIS, but not Mr. Maher's.

By Kaaren Boullosa (Submitted: 05/25/2005 8:40 am )
Where's Bill Green, who accused Barbara Boxer of telling the press what to print? Any thoughts on Bachus's comments? Or, as you agree with him, it is okay for a Republican to do what you get angry at Democrats for doing? Come on, let's see that double-sided flag of yours wave.

By r martinez (Submitted: 05/25/2005 8:40 am )
Mr. Coventry - Too bad these "pigs, murderers, retards, perverts, psychos, morons, cowards, closet queers, and lawless sexual deviants" have died to protect the likes of you. It is easy for you to hide in your fantasy world because of the HEROS who have placed their lives on the line for our country.
You indeed are a low life form - reap the benefits but hide in the darkness of your paranoia. Perhaps you just couldn't make the cut. . .

By Bill Deissler (Submitted: 05/25/2005 9:18 am )
Mr. Coventry you are truly a class act.

By Jim G (Submitted: 05/25/2005 12:39 pm )
Bill Maher also said, "I'm for the legilazation of marajuana. That's why i smoke a ton of it". I would have thought that comment would draw more attention than the "low-lying fruit" comment.
This is why Bill Maher is on HBO. You have to pay to watch it and they arn't governed by the FCC. Does congressman Bachus pay to watch HBO? Or did one of his cronies just tell him about it...

By Patricia Evans (Submitted: 05/25/2005 2:47 pm )
I've read the comments and respect all for their thoughts...although some such as the comments made by John Couentry are a little hard to swallow...I grew up an Air Force Brat, my father was the most honerable, decent man I have every known...he retired from the Air Force at 27 years and settled down in his home town of Santa Fe to be robbed by illegal aliens and left for dead..her suffered with servere bain damage for another 25 years until he died of to call enlisted men/wormen low lying fruit or as John Coventry discribes as the worst of society...I guess it depends on what tree your picking from! I am not affended by Mr. Maher's comments because I am intellegent enough to not take blanket statements to heart...most people realize it's an exaggeration to make a point...Of course, not all military is bad, but it's just as stupid to suggest that all individuals in the military are great! EACH person desearves the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise....Personaly I never miss Bill's's hilarious! I know that when he made the 'low lying fruit' comment, that he was not intending to personally insult my father..that's been Bush's job!!

By John Coventry (Submitted: 05/25/2005 7:20 pm )
Hey Web Ed. how come you published "Jim G's" post and not "d 1's"?
Patricia, I'm sorry for your father's pain. I appreciated your comments. But I must quote Jesse Jackson for you ...(as for 'illegal alien' Jackson said) "Heroin is illegal, ET was an alien."
The prejudice we all bring to the table, I admits; the exaggerations also. But if you think that the fight for freedom is a game where the military is making the rules, you are sadly mistaken. It is in the war for freedom, not the war on terrorist, that the individual become responsible for the whole.

By Bill Green (Submitted: 05/26/2005 4:47 am )
Kaaren, everyone here has defended Bill's right to be an idiot, but no one seems to give the same right to the Congressman. Coventry can even come up with "The entire U.S. military is made made up of pigs, murderers, retards, perverts, psychos, morons, cowards, closet queers, and lawless sexual deviants" and gets away with just a few light slaps. I guess freedom of speech only depends on which side you're on. I personally find both Bachus and Maher's comments offensive. HBO has the right to do something about Maher and the people of his district have the right to do something about Bachus. Now if we could only find someone willing to do something about Coventry. And in case you haven't noticed, mu guess is about 5% of the House would fail a basic IQ test.

By Kaaren Boullosa (Submitted: 05/26/2005 6:44 am )
As usual, you have lied through your teeth Bill - what is it with Republicans, are they born with a LYING gene? Show me one LINE where I denied Bachus's right to free speech. The right he DOESN'T have is CALL FREE SPEECH TREASONOUS AND TRY TO GET THAT SPEECH CLOSED DOWN.
Speaking of IQ tests, the difference should be clear - to anyone but someone who agrees with Bachus, that is.


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