Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Huddy, Goldberg & Pfeffer: Media whores and pimps.

Dear Editor Goldberg,

No matter what the Reporter dishes up, it’s always served with a little whine.

Your weepy stories about hotdog wars and again with the story about that fascist reporter Huddy, made me puke.

The Journal Publishing Co. has already spent a lot of money on lawyers defending Huddy, a reporter who acted like he worked for the government. When Huddy was more fascist than the fascist publisher and the fascist Pfeffer, the paper bounced him.

Huddy, Goldberg & Pfeffer: media whores and pimps.

John Coventry


Julia Goldberg is the editor of a longtime liberal weekly rag here in Santa Fe. John Huddy was a reporter covering City Hall for the Albuquerque Journal, the largest and most right wing paper in the State. Stephen Pfeffer was the most conservative of our City Councilors. I end up writing more about all of them but this post concerns the controversy about Councilor Pfeffer being allegedly misquoted by Huddy about his support Pfeffer's support of the vigilante's patrolling the border between New Mexico and Mexico.

Editor Goldberg, who also has a blog of her own and is into "new age" journalism, did an editorial somewhat supporting Huddy who was going to be canned by his paper. I already had run-ins with all three them and felt like 'a pox on all their houses.' I had already begun to speculate on to whom and what higher authority did the characters in Fat Bill and Me owe their allegiance to.

I was still using my stage name of John Coventry; Writing this blog under Danny Cabeza de Calabazo (Squash-head); and trying at the same time to reclain my given name of Donado (Danny) Coviello.


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