Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Perfect Circle-Jerk and Mayor del Jello

Jose drove off. Frank Montano and I talked for a while on the Plaza. When Frankie first got elected to the Council, he did it on a shoestring. He lost a bid at Mayor because the money people thought of him as a lightweight from the barrio. He also had not worked for the State like our current Mayor Larry del Jello did.

According to myth, Santa Fe has only one escalator. But there are sure a lot of revolving doors.

With a wrinkled brow, Frankie asked, “Who can we support for Mayor? From the choices we have now, Fran looks the best.”

My fuckin’ mouth dropped. I thought of going into my ‘man-hating gun-toting witch’ rap but I just said, “She’s corrupt!”
“So what? A little corruption…” Frank’s voice and smile trailed off into assholehood.
Without explanation I said “They’re setting up Coss for the Job.”

Frankie’s face went blank. The tell.

I had blogged weeks ago when our vacant Mayor went missing in Qatar, and Coss was appointed acting Mayor, you better be nice to David because from where I was sitting…the fix was in.

The fourth floor of the State Capitol Building houses the office of the Governor of New Mexico. I take my hat off when I go in. Not because the receptionist looks like a very hot transvestite but because I want the two Denko guys not to notice me. One of the suited cops was on the plush couch to the right, talking on a cell phone. He couldn’t care less about me and the other cop was busy in the hall with an elderly Hispanic couple.

“Can I help you?” the big titted receptionist asked, she then interrupted herself saying, “just a second.” She went back to her conversation on the phone. “…remember I work for the government, …Government rate.” She was obviously booking her vacation to Vegas, and I don’t mean Las Vegas, New Mexico because that’s where she probably was from.

While I waited, again trying not to be noticed, I was forced to look at the bad art in the Governor’s Gallery. Who ever picked this art probably made people call him Doctor. “Yes, Doctor. No, Doctor. Doctor of art?” I hoped I wasn’t talking out loud.

“Yes, can I help you?” , the receptionist asked.
“Do you have any biographical information about the Governor?”, I asked respectfully.
“Go online… bla bla bla dot bla.”
The wanna-be secretary scribbled Fat Bill’s web site down on the back of her card. I looked at the State Cops and said to myself, “I’m out of here.”

P.S. May 18, 2005. Lead on-line story in the New Mexican…”Coss To Run For Mayor.” And by the way, he works for the State. Frankie thinks I’m psychic.


This is the post where I had call the receptionist a 'tansvestite." Frankie become the first of some reoccuring character. As a former Councilor, former candidate for Mayor and member of the School Board his is well placed and connected. Fran was the former Municipal Judge and ex-wife of Cecil the cop, who is the beat officer for the Plaza. The Mayor at that time was Larry Delgado who I tagged as Mayor del Jello.


At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Ed Campbell said...

Of the crew starting to show up, I'd probably pick Fran over Coss. At least she doesn't quake in her boots over offending one of the "true locals" or the NIMBY's.

Living in the County [thankfully], I'll support anyone who doesn't make noises about trying to take over all of northern New Mexico just to expand the city's tax base and prevent bankruptcy. Someone has to pay for all the lawsuits the city loses -- making America safe for NIMBY's -- but, it doesn't have to be us folks out in the "sprawl".

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Der Tommissar said...

Tax base?

I thought city hall just had one of those "Take a penny, leave a penny" trays, like 7-11.

You mean the budget is bigger than that?

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the Mayoral Candidates have rose colored glasses. The problem with Santa Fe's downfall is all the illegal aliens taking the jobs away from Santa Feans. The continued build the homes and they will come with their water bottles attitude. And last but not least, greedy property owners that don't care if the local businesses fail due to high rent. The $9.50 wage is the biggest joke of all, what company is compelled to open a business here with a high wage expectation to failure. Who do we really want to run Santa Fe into Ghost Town status. I think all of them will do so. I should have run for Mayor myself. Hans L. Sisneros


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