Sunday, December 09, 2007

Babe Rainbow: Evil Troll

In the The Lost Souls' Room there are characters that form a relationship with other bloggers based on need, hate and baiting. The person who fits that description the most is a character who long ago took the name "Babe Rainbow."

In a photo from the movie Time Rider (left to right)on the motorcycle actor Peter Coyote, DJ Charlie Z (of Out of Joint at the Joint fame), an unidentified extra, and the evil troll Babe Rainbow.

Babe is a self-proclaimed genius who couldn't spell to save his life. He is a whining anti-Muslim anti-Mexican self-hating crybaby. Babe Rainblow (sic) as Yelsky named him is a habitual liar. He cuts and pastes his posts from various web sources neglecting to quote or give credit to the authors or source. Plagiarism is Babe's middle name.

Babe Rainblow stated he doesn't believe in God; wouldn't go to his own mother's funeral and would gladly kick pro-immigration activists in the head. He is proud of his status of being a welfare "cripple" yet assails fellow posters that mention his "handicap." He once threatened a blogger with an assault law suit claiming the poster was trying to give him a "heart attack" on purpose and that he had "turned over" the chat room comment to his lawyer.

By PC Chavez
Babe, quit crying already and I don't believe Cove was on here last night when Ana was, no matter how much you want to cry about him. Anna isn't your Mommy either, you big baby.

By CM Williams
Oh for kerrrrrrrrist sakes Babe! Enough already. Unless you sitting right beside Cove last night, you have no friggin' clue what he was doing.
*Hands Babe some lumber and a hammer* Build a bridge already!

By Bev Lennen
Okay...Babe - I was outta here, asked for it:

Lead actors and supporting cast must uphold the know that. It's all in the script, so go with the flow...or get a new agent. You took the part...and now you don't like it. That rots. Take it up with the producer, director, and writers.

Stop blaming everyone else for the hole you dug. Just remember, the lumber and hammer are to build a bridge...not a cross for you to climb up on. After all, this is far from the Greatest Story Ever Told. ;-)


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous jaybee said...

babe is a giant asshole no matter how tall he is.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coviello is a sick prick who is trash discarded from somewhere back East. I will report every shitty thing you write about other posters on the NM, you asshole.


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